Sunday, April 24, 2016

Happy but Hurting

Having an experience like being rear-ended and pushed into oncoming traffic, knowing how easily everything could have changed, sure makes life even more gorgeous.

Yesterday I took some pain pills and went to a battle of the bands to vote for my niece's bluegrass band. That was lots of fun. All the bands were really great. I like the noisy punk/rock but I also love the bluegrass. Not really into country, but luckily there was only one country performer.  My niece's band won! They get to perform at a music festival here this summer.

I haven't done anything with the horses since the wreck, but here are a couple pictures from Wednesday. Driving in the saddle:

Duncan has an issue with certain things happening while he's moving, like things crossing his back or sometimes me switching from side to side behind him as he turns in the driving lines. He'd prefer to stand still and pretend nothing worrisome is happening. Walking forward while I throw a rope over his back or play my training stick across him like a bow on a fiddle - that makes him have to think about and decide whether to react to his fears. We made some very good progress on that. He was thinking it through, not jumping away, and doing a lot of processing in the pauses. This is something I want him to he totally OK with before I throw a leg over.

He got to eat some good, long grass afterward. The dogs had to join us too. :) Scout was jealous.

I had planned to trim everyone's hooves this weekend. I haven't been able to since before the surgery, and I finally felt like I could tackle the job, albeit reluctantly. Well, that's not going to happen after the crash. Luckily I do know of a farrier who actually does a good job. I've seen his good work around, and a couple vet friends and other knowledgeable friends highly recommend him. So I called him.

I don't like being that person who looks like a total flake, having let their horses get to the point where they need done NOW, and expecting a busy guy to come ASAP, especially when I'm not even his client. I also didn't want to whine and give him my whole sob story. But it looks like he did fit me in tomorrow. Unless something happens and he has to cancel. Cross your fingers for me. I'm so excited to have someone else do all the hard work!


The Dancing Donkey said...

I have to do feet this week as well and I was just thinking how much easier it was when i could just pay someone to do all that hard work:)

Linda said...

I understand how you'd be more appreciative of life after such a close call in that accident. It was horrific. I'm glad you're having someone else do the feet to give yourself a little break. You've had a lot on your plate this winter/spring.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

I'm really loving the idea. I hope he does as good a job as I think he will. I would love to just make an appointment every 6-8 weeks and not worry about it.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Yeah, I'm ready to be done with pain for a while. Apparently that wasn't in the books just yet. Darn it.

T.L. Merrybard said...

I got to that point, and I only had one very heavy draft cross to trim. It was lovely letting someone else do the hard work, though I did do a bit of manicure on the opposite fortnight since I like to keep them trimmed frequently to avoid issues creeping in.