Thursday, May 19, 2016

Good Boys

I got a short ride in yesterday. Even ponied Duncan just a little bit. It annoyed him. Scout annoyed me. He just isn't push-button enough to make it easy. But it went well, and then I turned Duncan out and Scout and I worked on a few things. I had to keep telling him, "Quit looking at me and pay attention!" Which made me laugh a bit. Couldn't think of a scenario where that would make sense, other than on a horse's back.

Later I saddled Duncan and we worked on transitions, seeing things go over his back to the other side, moving the saddle around, and hopping up and down with my foot in each stirrup. Also lateral flexion and body control. He's getting better all the time!

Here he's annoyed with me because I'm trying to keep him far enough away to get a picture. He just doesn't get "stay." But he's still handsome!

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