Sunday, May 22, 2016


I liked the trainer I went to meet yesterday. He and his assistant worked together really well, they enjoyed what they were doing, and they really seemed to like each individual horse. Maybe they haven't done it long enough to be jaded. Other trainers I've met don't seem to care much about the horse as an individual, they're just there to be trained.

That said, they may just be too far away. I thought they were an hour and a half from me, which is OK, just barely. But turned out their facebook page listed the wrong address, and they're about 2 hours away. I'd like to visit at least once a week, and that might not work for me.

When I got home I got both of the boys out. I rode Scout in the round pen while Duncan waited. We were working on neck reining and leg cues. I got pretty dizzy, but it was worth it. I guess my head is still healing.

Then I worked with Duncan while Scout waited. What a big fidget Scout was! He rubbed his head on the fence, chewed his lead, got turned around enough to stick his butt through the rails and itch on them. Eventually he settled and waited patiently.

Duncan got to work on a rope going over his back at a walk, lunging a slow, thoughtful figure 8 with kind of a rollback at each end, and stepping up to the mounting block. That was hard for him. He didn't want to give me access to the saddle area, but I spent a lot of time reassuring him, and eventually he stepped up and I laid over him and rubbed him all over. He's a good boy. But I kind of don't think he's ready to go off to a trainer yet.

Today the wind is blowing something fierce, so I may not do any horsework.
I sure wish he'd finish shedding.

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