Thursday, September 08, 2016

Off to School

After our 5th ride I decided that Duncan has to go to the trainer. He didn't do anything bad, he just made me nervous with his reluctance to move, and my nerves made him nervous, so I figured I'd better find someone to do it right.

I took him up yesterday. It was weird just leaving him behind. :( I'll go see him as often as I can.

Scout has seen the chiropractor twice now, and barely been ridden in the last month or more. So his naughtiness on our recent ride is to be expected, but he bucked! He's never done that! I think it was just excess energy, feeling too good, and maybe a little nerves. There were wolves in the area. They'd been harassing a hunter at the trailhead every night, and their tracks were all over the place. That doesn't excuse his behavior, but I'll give him some leeway since I haven't been riding enough. It was just a little gentle buck and I pulled him around and he quit.

I just reintroduced the dogs to each other yesterday. I think Blue's Prozac is working, but Huckleberry is being a growly jerk. He got in big trouble for it last night. Blue is definitely knocked down a peg though. We'll see how it goes. We won't leave them unsupervised or let them outside to run together.

Whoops, I'm gonna be late, gotta go!


Linda said...

How long will he be gone for training? Leah has a chiropractic appointment today. I've never done this before. In fact, I've always been skeptical. It'll be interesting.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

He'll be gone for a month.

I just read about your chiropractor visit. I hope the lameness is treatable.

T.L. Merrybard said...

I hope all goes well for Duncan. You have made great strides with him but it never hurts to send them to a good trainer when things look like not going quite right. Better to let him have any explosions he might have with someone who can ride them out and let him see it isn't a solution. And if he doesn't have any blow ups, well then you'll know that isn't in his toolbox and feel more confident to push on. Go luck with the dogs too!