Thursday, September 22, 2016

Update, good and not so good

Duncan is doing well at the trainer. He's got a few rides on him now and I'm glad I wasn't the one to do the riding.  On his first ride he did spook himself and break into a pretty good run a couple times, but the trainer is equipped to help him through that without a lot of drama. There's a video on facebook but I don't know how to share it here.

He did better yesterday. More relaxed. They just did more of the same, asking him to maintain gait and stay on the rail. He didn't do anything silly. I took a couple pictures.

Afterward we went for a little hike in the woods. We had to walk through the setup for the Spokane Renaissance Faire to get to the forest. So of course I took a picture.

I'm worried he's getting sick. Goopy eyes, snotty nose, and yesterday he seemed a little lethargic. It could just be the sandy dust up there, and maybe I just caught him at nap time, but I don't think so. They're going to keep a close eye on him.

In more bad news, I think John and I are cursed to never have two rideable horses at once. Scout is not quite right. I hesitate to call him lame because he's not limping, but he doesn't ride well. He's cranky, which is totally not like him, and he has some obvious pain at times. The chiropractor has failed to fix it after 2 visits so I think it's time for the vet. And of course I don't have time for that for over a week, but it's not like he hasn't lived with it for a while now.

To end on a better note, the dogs are mostly getting along. :)


Linda said...

Oh, I understand your pain about horse issues. Glad to hear (from your more recent post) all is well. The new placement may have knocked Duncan's immune system down for a bit. You're going to have a great horse to ride when he's done with his training!

T.L. Merrybard said...

So glad it's going well with Duncan and so good to see him being ridden! That trainer has a lovely balanced seat, doesn't he.