Monday, November 07, 2016

A New Focus

Long story short, I really shouldn't be riding. I finally have to admit that there's enough damage to my head that my coordination is off, I lose my balance, get a panicky "sliding on ice" or falling feeling, and then think my horse is being weird. So. Time for a horse hiatus while I start a bunch more medical crap I can't afford. I have hope that by spring I'll be riding again.

In case you hadn't noticed, horses are my everything. I need something else to get passionate about. I also need to work on getting fitter. So hiking and fitness are going to be my new focus over the winter. I already love hiking, and I can bring a horse along too sometimes.

I'm not going so far as to change the name of the blog, but it's going to be mostly hiking pics, trail and mileage talk, dogs, and an occasional horse. Hopefully just temporarily. It's killing me to think that riding might be a thing of the past. I'm just going to have to be patient with myself and hope for the best.


Linda said...

Andrea, I feel for you. Letting riding go is an awful thought. There is a lot to be loved on the ground with horses, though. And, you have such a wealth of knowledge and giftedness--you can help others, too. I hope you get past this though. Don't worry about changing themes for a while--although, I'm just as curious about your time on the ground. Horses make great hiking partners!

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

I have a little trouble with ground work too. My coordination just isn't the same. I wonder if I just need to re-learn the muscle memory? There's an odd disconnect I can't explain. Like having a name on the tip of your tongue, knowing you know it, but it's gone or it just takes too long. I'm not gonna quit though. I'm kind of already in the process of starting again from scratch.

T.L. Merrybard said...

I feel for you, but it is possible to find new pursuits, because it's what I have done. Life is full of interesting things to try. However, I wonder if Duncan would like to be a harness horse? :D It totally sucks that that guy can hurt you and now you are still having to pay to be repaired. That isn't right.

Erin said...

You might really enjoy cross country skiing this winter - you can borrow my skis if you wanna gove it a try.
I understand how your horses are your everything, they are mine too. I cling to them, even though i hardly ride.
I hope they get you sorted, and you get feeling more fit and healthy and that this spring you ride your butt off :) love Erin S

The Dancing Donkey said...

I am very sorry you are having such trouble. Head injuries sure are tough. They do often get better with time though, so don't give up. It is amazing how the brain can heal itself.

I also understand how frustrating it is to think you may not be riding again. I am going through this myself as the autoimmune diseases I am fighting have kept me out of the saddle and sucked all the joy out of riding.

Having horses isn't all about riding though or even mostly about riding. There are many other ways to enjoy them and hiking is top of the list!:)