Monday, November 07, 2016

Heyburn, Mt Margaret, and Eden Valley

I'm going to post a few hikes together to get caught up.

My mom has been pretty much housebound for the last 3 years taking care of my Grampa, and she has a lot of health challenges of her own, so one day we chose a pretty level, short hike along Plummer Creek at Heyburn State Park. You can also ride horses here and I highly recommend it!

John, mom, and Henry:

I took Duncan with me to Mount Margaret, hoping to find a trail I know makes a loop, but I haven't been able to do the whole thing yet. Still haven't, but in retrospect we turned back at the right time. A big storm blew in on the drive home.

Getting pretty for hunting season:

Liam ahead, and Amy on Moose:

Love the fall color:

Next I hiked Eden Valley with Amy and Moose, on the Washington side along the Palouse River. I only took one picture.
I love how it's greening up this fall.

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