Wednesday, December 28, 2016


So maybe it isn't my neck after all. My MRI results came back and my doctor saw a couple things that weren't right. One, my brain position is wrong low in the back of my skull.  "Like a herniation, but it's not a herniation." The other thing he didn't say. I have to wait to see a neurologist to make sense of it.

I love my doctor, and I think he was trying not to worry me or give me a false diagnosis, but I'm worried. What is it? What will it mean for my future? Will I be able to ride? Will I be able to continue to do my job or will I have to look for something more sedentary? I should just go with the flow and know that it will all turn out OK. Staying up all night worrying and thinking about selling horses, maybe selling the farm, etc... isn't going to help, anyway.

My parents have a friend who is a really good neurologist and he's going to take a peek. Maybe it's nothing. Or maybe it's treatable. Cross your fingers for me.

Also, there is a lot of snow. It just keeps coming. We've gotten another foot or so since these pics were taken.


Snipe said...

What startling news! Your doctor was probably trying to spare you some worry by leaving things unsaid, but that can have the opposite effect.

I hope everything turns out okay.

Linda said...

Hoping for answers soon!!