Thursday, January 19, 2017

Good Little Donkey

I don't have any pictures because I've only been able to play with Juniper in the dark. She is so sweet. She's kinda itchy and she has a couple spots of rain rot, so giving her a good scratch makes her very happy. She's clingy. I feel bad leaving her behind. I could probably take her to work with me but she wouldn't fit in my back seat. :(

Last night I rubbed her all over and practiced picking up feet. She was very cooperative. I'm not asking much yet, I didn't try to keep her feet at all.

She's so skinny! You can't tell in her pictures because her coat is at least 2 inches long. She would be scored as "poor" on the donkey condition scoring chart. I'll deworm her on my next day off. And again later. Then hopefully she'll just keep on growing and gaining weight. She just gets free choice grass hay now, and I think that will be enough to help her gain weight once she gets rid of all her little parasite friends. She's started eating her vitamins and minerals as well.

I know straw is a popular feed for donkeys because they need more fiber and less sugar, but I just can't imagine a donkey eating it. Bob and Pedro wouldn't have. They were pickier than any horse I've ever met. I'll probably buy some and give it a try at some point.


Snipe said...

She sounds like a real cutie!

T.L. Merrybard said...

You and your donkeys. :) I think maybe one day I will have to have a couple too because they sound so lovely. Think I'd want a Mr Ed style house though so I didn't have to leave them outside.