Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Mostly medical whinings

Juniper is doing great, super sweet, and learning a little bit about picking up feet and not biting people when they don't love her enough.

Duncan had his hooves trimmed, half by me and half by my husband, who I was teaching about trimming for the first time. Duncan was nervous and it was a lot of information for John to absorb at once. John said, "Let's hire a farrier." :) Which I would if he could get up and down my driveway. We won't be able to use the driveway until Summer, I swear. Too much ice.

I am in so much pain right now! Did you know that if you overuse ibuprofen you will have withdrawals coming off it? I sure didn't. I thought I was trying to stay on top of the inflammation in my neck but I shouldn't have been taking so much ibuprofen. It may be causing some of my problems. So now I'm cut off. I'm doing a short course of prednisone. I guess it's supposed to get me through the withdrawal period. The neurologist also has me starting an anti-depressant to boost my serotonin levels, which may help my brain heal. It could take another year or more, but he hopes it won't. The truth is, they don't really know why the brain does what it does. Or doesn't.

I also learned that I do have a herniation at the base of my brain, not related to the accident. It's probably been there most or all of of my life. It's called a Chiari malformation and mine isn't severe but it does explain some problems that I've been having for a long time. Nothing to do about it. There is a surgical option where they remove part of your skull to make room for your too-big brain, but I'm not into that at all. That would be more for people with a much more severe case.

It's interesting what I don't remember from my visit with the neurologist yesterday. I took John with me and he keeps telling me stuff I don't remember the doctor saying. I guess I'll have to ask the doctor to go over it all again when I go back in 6 weeks.

He did say he had no reason to think I won't ride again, but I didn't tell him I land on my head sometimes. I'll save that conversation for next time. Weighing risks versus rewards, I'm thinking I might be a hiker rather than a rider now. But time will tell. I can't see myself without horses to care for. So they can at least pack my picnic.


Snipe said...

I love the brief, but descriptive update on Juniper!

Ibuprofen is serious stuff. One of my in-laws used it for chronic pain for many years. It ended up causing kidney failure.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Now that I know it's not so good, I'm glad to be cutting it off.

Juniper is definitely a character! I can't wait until the ice melts and I can take her for walks.