Saturday, February 04, 2017

Fun with Juniper

When I turned Juniper out with Duncan today they got along just fine. He moved her off her food, she sassed him a bit but got out of the way. End of discussion.

I realized the brand inspector is coming Monday morning and my driveway is impassable. If I want my brand inspection I'm going to have to walk her up to the road. So today we went for walks for the first time. She did so well!

 When we went to the very top of the driveway Scout and Bella started tearing around down below, so Juniper decided she wanted to bolt forward. Luckily it happened on a spot that wasn't icy. I set myself and didn't let her go, then we walked away and back, away and back, until she got her mind back. Then we slowly made our way down the slick part.

Following along nicely at the bottom:

Here she is running to me from the pasture. What a great feeling to have her be so happy to see me. :)

And exploring some more.

She was really jealous about me petting Duncan and kept trying to butt in and make me scratch her. Naughty baby.

And this is from a couple days ago. John and I hiking to our cars to head to work. 

My little slip-on cleats aren't quite as great as his crampons, but they do the job.

I am SO ready for spring! I can't wait to he able to park at my own house!

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Jessi Lashakmitis said...

Love those beautiful pictures!!! They look so cute and happy!!! Thanks for sharing this fun with us:)