Friday, March 24, 2017

Blood & Other Fluids

I finally got blood from my little turnip!
I took it to the lab for a pregnancy test, but it won't be done for a couple weeks. Remember, she's only 2 years old so we really don't want her to be bred, but she was exposed to a jack. I think she probably is pregnant, but we'll see.

She even forgave me and let me love on her and take her for a walk the day after I traumatized her with a needle. It was late, so we just went up the driveway and back. I need reflective donkey apparel.

Winston had a lovely day at work with me on Wednesday. He had a big squishy bed with two soft blankies, his own space heater, lots of treats and attention, and only had to have an exam, a blood draw, and pee in a cup. He wanted to go back the next day. Actually he gets to go back again today because we have to re-do the urinalysis. He had some crystals and his PH was off. Maybe the urine sat too long. Of course I'm worrying and hoping he doesn't have stones. His blood work looks totally normal.

He's the best. He's just been a little lazy, kind of "down" lately so I wanted to make sure nothing was wrong. Here he's waiting while my sister and her horse play in a water crossing:

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