Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I Rode!

I had one glorious headache-free day and I wanted to sit in my Synergist saddle. So I rode!

It wasn't as simple as that, of course. I wasn't feeling well and Scout was like a kid on crack, so I was only going to ride for a couple minutes after a few minutes of ground work. My sister was here though, and she hopped on and got his brain engaged. Then I had a nicer ride.

I was a little dizzy but not too bad.  And I really like my saddle. :) Now I need a horse that I can just sit on like a bump on a pickle and go down the trail. But I'm not willing to give up my Duncan, so I'm kinda stuck with what I've got.  I guess I'll keep stealing Scout from John when I can.

We also went to the spring health clinic and had blood drawn for Coggins tests on Scout and Duncan, and tried to draw blood on Juniper but we were unsuccessful. So I guess she won't be hiking in Washington since we can't get a health certificate on her. Also can't get a pregnancy test without blood but I think she is pregnant. Still no signs of heat.

Yesterday I took Juniper for a walk down to the highway at rush hour and she got to see a kid on a bike too. She's so brave! I just love her. Then we spent a lot of quiet time in the stall just being together. It was good. We need to rebuild trust after the fiasco at the vet. Going for walks is good, but quiet time is better.


Linda said...

Good for you. Glad you're taking it safe and slow. I feel sad that you had to experience this health setback,but you're an inspiration getting back in the saddle.

T.L. Merrybard said...

Go sis go! Thank goodness for sisters!