Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Let's pretend

Can we just pretend farrier day never happened? And can we just not talk about how I got the truck stuck in the mud with the trailer attached and it stayed there for like 2 weeks? And just move on? Oh, and let's also forget about the dead mouse in my car's heating system and the other minor repairs it needs. And the disgusting weather, my health issues, and allergy season starting. What else? Everything else. ALL the things that are making me cranky.

Let's move on to sunshine and happiness and dry land. And more hoof handling training for my bad donkey. *Deep breath*


Linda said...

2016 was the the best year of my life, and I was deeply sad to see it go on December 31st. I actually thought, 2017 will probably suck because you can't have 2 good years together. It just doesn't happen. Sure enough, it started sucking right off the bat. The constant snow and ice, Red dying, basement flooding, kidney stone. I mean, why? So all this is to say, you and I are on the same wave length here. Both of us are hoping to turn a corner! Yesterday's sunshine was glorious and fleeting. But it gives me hope. Hang in there.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

The weather has to get better at some point. The rest of it? I guess we just roll with the punches and make the most of the good bits. I've had two mostly headache free days this week! That's freaking amazing! I'll take it.