Saturday, May 27, 2017

Got My Mojo Back

I'm still having headaches and I'm still having balance problems sometimes but all the sudden for some reason I'm ready to ride again.

Distracted by cows

Crazy goofball face
I saddled up Scout in the new Fabtron lightweight saddle and we had fun like kids, just goofing around. I didn't want to quit. And none of it gave me a headache.

The farrier came today and he'd had a cancellation so he had extra time and I decided what the heck, I want shoes put on. It'll allow me to ride out from home or wherever the heck I want without worrying about gravel or rocks. And it will make me ride more. I can't wrestle with boots, and to be honest, they were always too much of a pain.

In all my years I'd never seen a farrier prepare shoes. My only horse I've ever had shod was Scout, once, and that was by the trainer when I wasn't there.

It was super cool! Since Liam is into working with metal he came out and watched closely and asked questions. Boy did my farrier light up and really show his passion for what he does. He said he'd take Liam on as an apprentice if he decides it's something he wants to do. !!! That would be amazing. I'm going to get a book to get him started and see if he wants to learn a little bit of the horsemanship part of it.
Looking at the forge
Scout was a good boy. Slightly wiggly and a little wide-eyed about the noises coming from the trailer, but overall really very well behaved.

Oh, and John saw a bear today crossing the highway near one of my favorite trails. Too cool!

I'm planning on going riding tomorrow come hell or high water. Happy day. :)


The Dancing Donkey said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better. I hope some saddle time finishes the cure.

Linda said...

Good for you! A good farrier is worth their weight in gold. An apprenticeship would be an amazing opportunity. Funny how Scout is always there for you, or at least that is how it has seemed to me reading your blog all these years.