Monday, June 05, 2017

So Much

I did take Scout on a short trail ride about a week ago. I even had pictures but then my phone decided to dump everything. It was a beautiful evening on a nice trail. He was nervous at first but settled in nicely, especially when I asked him to start doing some more challenging work off trail. He didn't want to turn back toward the trailer at the end. The next night my sister had a huffy mama bear with a cub trying to scare them off at the same trailhead, so that might explain the nerves...

Saturday we went to Montana for an outfitters dispersal sale and I almost brought home a good old horse (and fell in love with a couple old mules too) but I was outbid and we came home with an empty trailer. It was kinda heartbreaking. I passed up on a horse I really liked because 3 horses I liked better were coming up later, and the bidding went high on them.

Hank and Skipper were my two favorites

We hurried home since we didn't have a horse to worry about, and it turns out maybe it was a good thing we didn't win any bids after all. If we had, we wouldn't have been home when the call came in that my father-in-law was crashing. (He had been in intensive care for 3 weeks.) By the time John got to his mom's house to go with her to the hospital, his dad had passed away. We spent the day together trying to get our minds around life without him. John's mom has been taking care of his dad for so long. They've been married over 50 years. It will be difficult, but life will have to go on.

Today I worked for the equine dentist and Bella got her teeth worked on. I waited too long. They were bad. But not horrible. She wasn't super happy about going somewhere without a buddy, and she did NOT like the goats. She was pretty happy in the round pen though.

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Linda said...

I'm very sorry for your loss. Losing a parent changes so much about a person's world. I haven't experienced it yet, but most of my friends have. I guess it wasn't meant to be with the horse purchase.