Thursday, February 06, 2020


Halla is moving much better today. Thank goodness! We had a big snowstorm so I can't get her to the vet yet anyway. I think she's just going to "walk it off." She's on a sort of stall rest. Pasture rest with the donkeys is pretty relaxed. All she has to do is walk to her food and water, and then walk over to stand next to the other horses all day. But the other horses can't chase her. :)

I've beeng givingher Equioxx once a day in with her supplement, but that pill is so small, and I haven't actually watched her eat it the past two days. I should supervise better. I'm pretty sure she has been eating it though. But I realized if she hasn't, a donkey might get it, and it might be too much for them, so I better keep a better eye on it. I need to find out the appropriate dosing for donkeys in case I ever need it.


Snipe said...

Glad to hear she's feeling better.

Linda said...

I also feed Equioxx and they are extremely small. My vet recommended putting it in my hand with a small amount of feed and watching him eat it over the top of his grain bucket—just in case it falls out.