Monday, July 16, 2007

Isn't he just a cutie? (Don't mind the pallets, they're stacked and waiting for some hay to set on them.)

I did ride him tonight, if you can call it that. Hopped on, flexed laterally, yielded hindquarters, then forequarters, took a couple steps forward and back, and hopped off. This was after a long walk around the place, and several freak outs about various things. Goofball. He's really got me rattled though. He scooches out of the way of "trouble" in a big sudden way. Trouble being hoses, a piece of OSB that probably smelled of fireworks, and other ground obstacles. I really had to make myself get on. He was calm by that point or I probably wouldn't have.

I think I'll put him in a smaller pen with hoses all over the place. Got to get rid of the horrible weeds in the pen first though.

I am really glad to have him home. He's settling in well. Just not totally relaxed yet. But I wanted to keep moving with things, mainly to keep myself from being stalled out by my fear. Hoping to ride again in the morning, but then, maybe I'll wait until evening again. It's just too hot during the day.

I better get to bed if I expect to get up early again. Good night!

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