Saturday, April 19, 2008

We had a kid-free night, and we were going to go to a mounted shooting event (to watch) in Lewiston, but John wasn't feeling too good so we came home. We went out to groom Mack and try to get some good current pictures to give people who ask about buying him. I was trimming hooves and John was spending time with Mack, trying to get him clean (seemed to just bring all the dirt to the surface). I had trimmed Soxy and almost finished with one hoof on Mack when John said the neighbor's horse was loose on our property. But no, it was on the wrong side of the creek and it was a dark bay, not a red dun. Running like the wind, totally freaked out, poor thing.

We had to drive around to the highway side of the property to try to block the only gate before the horse decided to leave again. She had parked herself as near as she could get to our horses though, and wasn't going anywhere. A guy had almost hit her on the highway and went to the boarding stable across the way and called the owners, so we waited for them to get there. I was a little apprehensive about trying to catch a stranger's horse who was obviously pretty worked up, but the stable owner wasn't getting there and it was starting to get dark so I went to see how she reacted to me. Jeez, the weeds over there are hard to walk through. There's some downed wire fencing along the creek that we haven't gotten around to picking up, since we don't use that side of the property, and I was worried she'd hurt herself. But she was really sweet and easy to catch, and just after I got her the barn owner showed up and walked her home. I drove her van back over to the barn and we got the horse settled back in. Gorgeous little appaloosa. We got to talking about the barn (which is for sale) and boy I wish we could buy it. I'd talked to John about it but we really thought it was a big risk. He looked around and really liked the place so who knows... I wouldn't mind having a job like that, taking care of a boarding stable when the kids are in school...

Anyway, the horse seemed fine other than a little nick on her hock, and all was well. I also learned about a local saddle club that I think I'm going to join. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Came home, got a call about my hay for sale. A guy is coming from three hours away to buy it! Which means I can definitely afford the trip to the adoption with my wonderful Tonka. He was so sweet tonight, hanging out pestering us, and was chewing on my rasp. I think maybe he's trying to hint that he needs a teeth float? It was hilarious, him standing there with it in his teeth...

Never did get those pictures of Mack. I sure wish John would keep him and ride with me. But John really likes that mustang gelding for sale here, so if Mack sells we could still be hitting the trails together after a refresher course for Scooby and some maybe some lessons for John.

We got our horses settled in for the night and Scout's eye ointment done, and now I'm ready to sit down and watch a movie.

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