Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tonka and I had a nice little ride today. Couldn't go anywhere because the kids are home, but we went up and down the driveway and out into the fields a bit.

I tried out my dad's saddle again. It didn't hurt my knees thanks to the "Stirrup Straight" doohickeys we got. They did make the stirrups feel a bit weird at first, but it didn't take long at all to get used to. Tonka is more responsive to my leg in that saddle, which is strange, because it feels so bulky to me. The seat was still very wide, but I think I could get used to that. We had a fitting problem though. He kept leaving his hind end behind, and when I took the saddle off there was plenty of sweat at the front of the saddle, but none in the middle or back. I expected to find that though, since he was hollowing out his back and not engaging his hindquarters at all. I still think it might work with a pad that's not quite so thick, so I'm going to try it again with my Woolback pad.

He was a very good boy though, and it was a nice ride. I just wish I could leave the property! School isn't that far off, yay!

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Hans said...

Andrea. Show me a photo of your Dad's saddle. If you have to use those stirrip things something is wrong with the saddle.
Show me a photo of the fender and the back side where the length is adjusted. I think I know the problem, but need to see it.
I am doing a lot of saddle stuff now and am studying how they are made and adjusted as well as fit to horse and rider. I should be starting to build my own saddle as soon as my tree is finished. Had to have a custom one made for Vinny and it will take about 6 weeks to get.
Post pics over at Tracey's place.