Friday, October 03, 2008

Autumn. It's a beautiful time of year. Exhilarating. But I'm starting to see that this energy is just a last mad dash for some fun before the gross part sets in. Mud. Rain. Clouds. Evenutally snow and ice. Snow's fun the first few times, but then it gets old, not being able to go anywhere. Trudging through it to get to the horses and feed them. Oh, and the Darkness. I think that's the part I hate the most.

A lot of people start to feel down and depressed this time of year. I am one of them. I have a few little tricks to try to help with it, and I think they do help a little.
  • Vitamins. A daily vitamin and most importantly a B complex vitamin. I wish I had a time-release B vitamin. Seems to wear off in the middle of the day and I get down and tired again.
  • Light. I keep all my curtains wide open most of the year, except when it's really hot. I also get different light bulbs in the winter for the main rooms I spend time in. They're not full spectrum but they're closer to it, and brighter.
  • Exercise. Well, actually I've been overdoing that part of it lately and setting myself back. But if you have a beautiful park to walk in, or even a brisk walk down your road, it does affect your mental outlook. Gym time and hard physical labor can release endorphins that make you feel great. Not sure if walking releases endorphins, but it does help.
  • Diet. I'm sure eating right can help. I'm not sure I eat right, but I try...
  • HORSE TIME. This is a great time to spend quietly with the horses, just bonding with them and loving them. And training and working with them too, when the weather allows. They're my therapy. :)
Do you get kind of "down" in the wintertime? What are your tricks to keep happy?

Most importantly, if you feel you're dangerously depressed, GET HELP. I love you, others love you, and there are people out there who can help you.


Linda Reznicek said...

I always get depressed in February--it's like enough is enough by then. I'm going to try to do a vacation to see our kids in Houston in that month this year. A little sunshine will probably do wonders. If I had the money, I'd leave for the whole month and take my horses to Arizona. :):):)

Guess that's out of the question--so dealing in reality now--last year I took lessons at an indoor arena to get through it. I couldn't trailer, so I used the trainer's horses.

I also got together for coffee with my horse friends almost every week.

I talked to my horse friends on the forum of the MDH website.

I like the suggestion about going out to the barn and grooming, etc. Spending time with the horses definitely perks me up.

Listen to music--rock out!!! That helps.

And, eating right, for sure--lots of fruits and vegetable and OJ bring a burst of sunshine even when it's cloudy and cold.

BTW, don't forget salt blocks at this time of year. When the weather dips to freezing, some horses stay off the water and colic. It's a dangerous transition between the summer and winter.

Wild Rose Cowgirl said...

My son has recently joined Boy Scouts too. It's good for the boys to be doing something. Mine is not really into the horse thing, although he is starting to like riding.