Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This time I'm fishing for comments. Kind of for a project I have coming up... Let me know if I can use your thoughts, possibly in ads or on flyers. I'm looking for ideas I can use in trying to "market" the mustang horse to the general public.

Why do you love mustangs? (If you do)
This may sound like a simple question, but if you haven't thought about why you love your specific breed of choice, it's sometimes a hard one to answer.

What is your perception of mustangs? (If you don't own and love them)

Do you think they're an important part of the American West?

Would you like to adopt a mustang?

If so, what's keeping you from it?

Will you adopt an untouched mustang in the next year?

Would you adopt a gentled mustang in the next year?

Feel free to answer one or all of the questions. Or none, but I'd love to hear your opinions. Honest opinions. If you don't like mustangs I'd love to know why.

I might have more questions later. I'm not thinking too clearly tonight, I have the crud. Blech.

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Linda Reznicek said...

The last two questions are great because they could help us focus our efforts on helping Mustangs. If they just need to be halter trained, I know lots of us would step up and do that for people.

It's also a very good question--why a Mustang over other breeds because right now all kinds of horses are in need of homes.

I would say that they bond more strongly with their human gentler--creating the possibility of a deeper relationship--loyalty to the herd. It also brings you into a community of other Mustang owners. And lastly, living in the wild prepares them mentally and physically for trail riding--which I'm sure is why the Border Patrol uses them. I'm excited to put this to the test with Beautiful someday.