Friday, September 16, 2011

Blah. Life. I have to remember to count my blessings and be thankful. And breathe deep.

How do you release stress when life is handing out sucker punches? I can't go into detail but I'm tired. Bone weary. I need to let go of the weight of yesterday so I can carry the load of today. And quit borrowing trouble for tomorrow...

Yesterday I didn't ride. I'm still dealing with a lot of head congestion and now my left ear is humming constantly. A bass note in your ear all day has a definite effect on a person's psyche.

Today I was still a bit dizzy and clumsy, so I opted not to ride again. Instead I practiced trailer loading my 3 redheads into the new trailer. They all seemed bothered by the windows on the butt side of the trailer. I think they're lower than the old trailer so they can see out and they feel threatened. Tonka loaded well but shot out every time I asked him to back out. So we kept at it until he went slowly. Bella did really well until I closed the divider on her, then she looked like she might try to crawl under it. So I opened it back up and petted her a lot and repeated several times. Scout kept trying to step into my space. I'm a stickler for making them hug the wall as they load, not walk down the center of the trailer and certainly not on my side. I want to keep myself safe, even my toes need lots of space in there. So we backed out and started over a fair amount and until he kept on his side.

I didn't spend a whole lot of time out there, including hitching up and catching them all. So they all did what was needed in a timely fashion. I'd like to practice some more just to get them more comfortable. And I need to get a welder to fix the dividers. They're not at enough of a slant, my horses are just a hair too long, so I want to add some more pin receivers to make the slant more slanted. Luckily the dividers are adjustable in length. I also want to cut off the rings that are there to attach a corner feeder. They're a little sharp and Tonka skinned his head. Poor guy. I wouldn't mind being able to feed them grain in there but I'd have to find a different way to do it. maybe have some rounded chain-link shaped attachments welded on to hold the feeders. Feeders which I don't have anyway so it gives me one more thing to add to my list of things to spend money on for the horses... :)


Keechy said...

Stress relievers, let's see. I play my guitar. Go look at the trees. Potter around feeding chickens etc. That always makes me happy for some reason, so long as I can do it not in a hurry and enjoy it. Look up at the sky for a while. Sit right down on the ground and even better if you can rub a dog tummy or ears while you do it. Seek out long hugs from my loved ones. Hmm, seems I have lots of things. :) I also meditate, all different kinds like breathing, centering, vibration changing, journeying, and also guided ones. These are some guided meditations that are fairly new but that I already love:

Oh, I guess if you were really christian-centric they might not be so comfy for you as they are Druid-y. Lots of Christians are Druids too but, you know, some folks aren't into anything different. I do think you should have a listen though. Man, they are sooo relaxing and beautiful too. No boring synthed new age music! Very different!

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

That is so funny, I did most of those things today! Fed hens (one eats out of my hand but she pinches me) while sitting on the ground, enjoyed the sunlight playing through the leaves, laid on the floor trying to stretch/exercise and was mugged by a playful dog who needed belly rubs. I took treats out to all the horses several times (we have some overproducing apple trees here).

I'll definitely check out the meditation stuff. I don't know a thing about it and I think I need to learn.

Keechy said...

Ha ha, I have a hand pinching chicken too! She was hatched on a stormy day so she is called Thunder, and she has just always been a character compared to her sisters. I wish she'd be a bit gentler though! But, you can't expect mini-dinosaurs to be gentle. :)

Meditation really is good for you. The guided ones are much easier to get into at first than just sitting there trying not to think about stuff. :) But, even when I do that on a day where my brain is hard to get to settle, somehow it still does me good. You get better with practice too, and after a while you can carry that feeling around with you and tap into it when you need it.

Sounds like a good day to me. Add in a bit of something creative and I'd have been very happy. :)