Saturday, June 11, 2016

We had a pretty hot spell here, and my hay guy got the timing just right, so now we have all of our hay for the year!
Last little load
But that means the horses have been on the back burner. Especially Duncan.

I did take Scout out for a short ride in a thunderstorm on my birthday. We got really wet, chased a cow, and went home.
Scout is a super cool color when he's soaked.

Today we're going on a big family ride with 2 other horses and a bunch of motorcycles or 4 wheelers. I'm already hurting so I think this might be stupid but I'll take a pain pill with me.

Oh, and my dang dogs got in a rip-roaring fight again. This time Winston was even in on it. I wasn't here. Apparently Winston held on to Blue while Huckleberry kicked his butt. Huck has some slobber and blood on him too, so it wasn't as one sided as I was told. Blue has a hole through his skin on his inner thigh, but I think it'll heal fine. His scruff area is super bruised too. Maybe he'll stop acting like cock of the walk now, and they'll all just get along. That's probably wishful thinking.

Alright, well, wish me luck! I need to suppress my inner humbug and embrace the ride! I'm sure it'll be fun.

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