Friday, August 30, 2019

This Donkey!

Wow. He's just amazing.

Our third trail ride and off we went, all by ourselves. We would have just hiked if need be.

But we rode! He was a goer. A little nervous.

The dogs didn't seem to bother him this time. Luckily Orion mostly stayed out from underfoot.

He didn't want to turn back, so I got off and walked. We made it leisurely and relaxing and took some snack breaks.

He's so handsome. Note the re-addition of the sheepskin. Sawyer made me sore the other day!  I'm going to add one to his saddle too. I have some old sheepskin so I can make my own.

At one point I did the gasp and grab reins because of the dumb puppy right underfoot. Buster calmly stopped. He wasn't going to step on the puppy anyway. I overreacted. Then a minute later I leaned forward to avoid a branch and he stopped. I honestly think he thought I lost my balance and he was taking care of me. What a good guy.

I just love the view from up here. I can't communicate how special our time together is. It's not the same with Sawyer, as sweet and good as he is.

We found some good turkey feathers. He loves to sniff them deeply.

I'm just so amazed and happy with Buster. Why doesn't everyone ride donkeys?


Linda said...

Sounds like you found your heart match. Can you lope a donkey?

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

You can. I don't know if we will ever feel the need. He has a really nice fast pace. I think it's a pace anyway. I'm not very good at recognizing the weirder gaits.